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Tableau: toggle between charts

If you need to toggle between charts you have to: – create a sheet for each chart – create 1 string list parameter, which you place on each sheet, display parameter – create a calculated field referencing the parameter – … Continue reading

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Tableau: Order of Execution

Order of Execution in Tableau: Computed in the database: 1. Context filters 2. Top N and conditional filters 3. Regular quick filters Computed in Tableau: 4. Table calculations are computed 5. Table calculation filters are applied 6. Reference lines This … Continue reading

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Tableau: Filter with context

I had to apply a filter on a Top N chart; select a Region, then display Top N States. When I added Region to the filter section. it showed me from the Top N states overall, only the states in … Continue reading

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Do you know these tricks?

During the last couple of months I have discovered some usefull tricks, which in turn are too small for a post on its own, so I have combined them into this one. Formula for calculating the maximum scale for chart … Continue reading

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How to get a Sharepoint List in Xcelsius and publish outside Sharepoint

If eg. Treasury is maintaining a Tax Rate by country list in the Corporate Sharepoint directory, you can import that list into Xcelsius for use in your dashboard without setting up a portal provider as you do not want to … Continue reading

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Suppressing BEx Variable pop-up screen when opening dashboard in SAP portal

When the dashboard is published in SAP portal and it is based on a BEx query connected with a Netweaver dataconnection and that BEx has mandatory variables without default values, the variabele screen is always displayed before actually loading the … Continue reading

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