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Negative values and Treemap

The treemap component is able to handle negative colour intensities …. as long at least 1 intensity is positive. This means you need to add at least one row with an empty label field, 0 as value and 1% as … Continue reading

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Panel Set and embedded Xcelsius swf

As you may have noticed, the panel set does NOT support embedded swf created by Xcelsius. The common workaround is to use external URL link. However another workaround is to embed a JPG image (or swf not created by Xcelsius) … Continue reading

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Xcelsius chart versus Excel chart

Now I always hate it when someone comes with an Excel chart that I have to duplicate. Excel is THE manupulation tool a user can have, thus ofcourse the chart capabilities are endless. And as Xcelsius is based on Excel, … Continue reading

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GMaps Plugin

I just finished a project where I created a geographic dashboard with the Gmaps plugin from Centigon Solutions. Besides the obvious, the plugin is way better than the maps in Xcelsius, I will share my experience with you. Pros: – … Continue reading

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Calender not showing default date selected

In reply to the request: “I need a way to have the Calendar component give the default date to be passed without actually showing the component’s selected date. Any ideas?” You can achieve this by using 2 calenders, 1 with … Continue reading

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Selectors: 6 steps to Multiple Selection

As I get more and more request for the multiple select file I have written out below the steps to take (thus I will not send the file anymore, you can follow the steps yourself ). Also I updated the … Continue reading

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