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Tableau: Relative Date Filter over year change

In case you want to compare years when filtering on last x weeks and have the year comparison over the year change (week 53 and week 1), you can’t use a relative date calculated field filter as this method transforms … Continue reading

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Negative values and Treemap

The treemap component is able to handle negative colour intensities …. as long at least 1 intensity is positive. This means you need to add at least one row with an empty label field, 0 as value and 1% as … Continue reading

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Xcelsius chart versus Excel chart

Now I always hate it when someone comes with an Excel chart that I have to duplicate. Excel is THE manupulation tool a user can have, thus ofcourse the chart capabilities are endless. And as Xcelsius is based on Excel, … Continue reading

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Drill in chart to different Tab

If you want to give your users the choice of clicking on a chart (e.g. clicking on the chart title) and then going to a specific tab where the KPI is displayed in more detail, you can use the property … Continue reading

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Change axes label color in chart

Use the custom format option in Excel if you want to dynamically change the vertical axes labels to a alert color. Eg. [Blue][>0]#,##0;-[Red]#,##0 will show positive numbers in blue and negative numbers in red.

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