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Suppressing BEx Variable pop-up screen when opening dashboard in SAP portal

When the dashboard is published in SAP portal and it is based on a BEx query connected with a Netweaver dataconnection and that BEx has mandatory variables without default values, the variabele screen is always displayed before actually loading the … Continue reading

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“Empty” value in optional prompt in Bex query

I finally found the solution for the issue with the optional prompts and the empty value string when connecting through BICS to a Bex query. Unfortunately BW does not view the Excel formula =”” as an empty string as thus … Continue reading

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Difference BICS connection Xcelsius 2008/2011 and BOE 4.0

Since Xcelsius 2008 SP2 it is possible to connect to a Bex-query through a BICS connection. You could publish your dashboard on the SAP portal (with at least Netweaver 7.01 SP5 installed). As the BOE 3.1 platform does not know … Continue reading

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