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XComponent and Combobox without drop down triangle

It took me the better part of a day to fix the following error: When I added any one of the XComponents provided by Antivia and I previewed my dashboard, the combo boxes were not rendered proberly anymore. The drill … Continue reading

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Publish GMap shapefile in InfoView

I have spend some hours today to figure out why I did see my GMaps shape file (located on the server, not client pc) in preview mode in Xcelsius, but exported to the BO Enterprise platform (InfoView) I did not … Continue reading

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GMaps Plugin

I just finished a project where I created a geographic dashboard with the Gmaps plugin from Centigon Solutions. Besides the obvious, the plugin is way better than the maps in Xcelsius, I will share my experience with you. Pros: – … Continue reading

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Add on manager is greyed out

After installing Windows 7 the add on manager is greyed out in Xcelsius. This is due to the default User Account Control settings. Change the setting to the lowest level (9) and then import the add ons. After restart of … Continue reading

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