Publish GMap shapefile in InfoView

I have spend some hours today to figure out why I did see my GMaps shape file (located on the server, not client pc) in preview mode in Xcelsius, but exported to the BO Enterprise platform (InfoView) I did not see the GMap. I got the red initialisation error message.

Preview mode Xcelsius:

Exported to InfoView:

I checked troubleshoot page of the shape file on Centigon Solutions’ website.

No luck, as we use Tomcat, the shape file mime type is supported, I use an absolute path, linked to a single cell, when called in web browser I get a response, I used the shape file provided by Centigon Solutions, the crossdomain xml is available. So why then did I not see it in InfoView? Changed shape URL to include the port number and exclude it again.

I added a new GMaps map and set it up again, exported it and then to my surprise I saw my my shapes, even in the old map I saw my shapes. Well I removed the new Map as my old map worked and was configured already, exported again. Checked and ….. It did not work again :-( So again added a new map and checked. My shapes were there again!

Finally I noticed the difference between the 2 maps. THE DEVELOPMENT MODE!!!

So now I exported in production mode and yes!!! I saw my shapes in InfoView :-)

As I am still developing my dashboard, I always check the development mode, which works perfectly in Preview mode Xcelsius and exported in InfoView when I use data ranges. However apparently with shape files the combination of InfoView and Development mode does NOT function.

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Femke Kooij is a dashboard and report designer, developer and educator specializing in SAP | BusinessObjects Dashboards (better known as Xcelsius) and Crystal Reports. She has also a lot of experience with other SAP | BusinessObjects toolings like, Web Intelligence (WebI), Information Design Tool (Universe Designer), BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) and the overall server platform BusinessObjects Enterprise (Launchpad, CMC). She spends a lot of her time thinking about and sharing her knowledge of Xcelsius to others through her own blog. Lately she is exploring other visualization tools like Qlikview and Tableau. On the later she is also posting some experiences. Currently she is in the employment of Cognizant Technology Solutions. Her blog only contains her personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by Cognizant Technology Solutions nor does it constitute any official communication of Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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5 Comments to Publish GMap shapefile in InfoView

  1. Ryan Goodman says:

    If you are using a standard trial of GMaps Plugin, the issue could be that the version you are using does not support publishing to a portal environment. If you contact Centigon Solutions sales they can upgrade your trial access.

    This is a great post and is available in the GMaps Plugin learning center:

  2. Femke Kooij says:

    Just a quick check: if you call the url from a network location which slash do you use? forward (/) or backward (\).? Internet browsers use forward (/) while networks use backward (\).
    Could you send me the 2 xlf files I will check it out.

    • Lynette Little says:

      I’m not sure what I did, but the issue is now resolved. I recreated the files and apparently I missed something the first time around. Thank you so much for your help and patience.

  3. Lynette Little says:

    Hi Femke,
    I created 2 separate Xcelsius files, 1 parent and 1 child. Since I was only doing a simple dashboard so I could get a feel for it, they both were self contained with no external data connection. Separately, they worked fine. I think exported 2 swf files, 1 parent and 1 child locally, so they were not published anywhere. I am using the swf loader component and a flash variable to pass my information from a combo box on the parent to the child. When I preview everything works perfectly (I got really excited that something actually worked for me.) and but when I tried to view it thru the browser, the parent came up fine and when the child was called, the swf loader component opened as a big blank box but no components showed up (I had a spreadsheet component on the child). the ‘loading’ box goes across but nothing ever shows up.

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

  4. Lynette Little says:

    I am running Xcelsius 2008 SP4 and have a similar problem with a parent/child dashboard where the Preview works wonderfully and the child opens with data, etc…but when I export to a swf file, the parent is fine, but the child opens with a blank box. The loading bar goes by but no components or data shows up. I am wondering if this might be the same issue with the Development mode on…but…where can I find the Development mode flag in 2008?

    • Femke Kooij says:

      Hi Lynette,

      You do not have a development mode in the swf loader or slide show.
      Could you tell me a bit more on how you have designed the parent-child relationship, you use the swf loader or the slide show component? And were do you publish it? InfoView? Do you then call the child through the correct opendocument statement?
      Just to check: you have created 2 xcelsius files, 1 parent swf and 1 child swf. You call the child swf through the swf loader/slide show component by means of URL . In preview Xcelsius everything works right? If you run this child url in a browser you do see the child swf?

      I use the slide show with opendocument statement: documentDownload?sIDType=CUID&iDocID=********&sKind=Flash&CELogonToken=******** (ofcourse ********* should be replaced with your own information from InfoView)