Panel Set and embedded Xcelsius swf

As you may have noticed, the panel set does NOT support embedded swf created by Xcelsius. The common workaround is to use external URL link. However another workaround is to embed a JPG image (or swf not created by Xcelsius) and then alter the path of the swf created by Xcelsius manually.

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Femke Kooij is a dashboard and report designer, developer and educator specializing in SAP | BusinessObjects Dashboards (better known as Xcelsius) and Crystal Reports. She has also a lot of experience with other SAP | BusinessObjects toolings like, Web Intelligence (WebI), Information Design Tool (Universe Designer), BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) and the overall server platform BusinessObjects Enterprise (Launchpad, CMC). She spends a lot of her time thinking about and sharing her knowledge of Xcelsius to others through her own blog. Lately she is exploring other visualization tools like Qlikview and Tableau. On the later she is also posting some experiences. Currently she is in the employment of Cognizant Technology Solutions. Her blog only contains her personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by Cognizant Technology Solutions nor does it constitute any official communication of Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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One Comment to Panel Set and embedded Xcelsius swf

  1. Olá,
    tentei a dica, não foi possivel elaborar desta forma.

    ocorre que tenho uma principal e gostaria de incluir alguns SWf sem que seja por meio de atalhos, pois apesar de publicar em intranet, meu banco só suporta um unico arquivo e eu não tenho como colocar varios arquivos lá e depois fazer atalhos. a melhor maneira seria de fato incorporar os swf separadamente na copilação.

    alguém já testou esta dica… sem problemas? help-me.