Drill in chart to different Tab

If you want to give your users the choice of clicking on a chart (e.g. clicking on the chart title) and then going to a specific tab where the KPI is displayed in more detail, you can use the property “Selected Item: Item (by position)” of the Tab-component and several toggle.

You can even return to the overview tab by using the same method (toggle button). However If you want your users to be able to navigate through BOTH the tab buttons and your toggle buttons, you need to set-up the “return” toggle buttons “with non existing tab positions” as source data. This as the Tab component does not have an insert selection option itself. And when clicking on a tab and then clicking in the chart (on toggle button), the position is not changed and thus it does not trigger the “Selected Item: Item (by position)” property.

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Femke Kooij is a dashboard and report designer, developer and educator specializing in SAP | BusinessObjects Dashboards (better known as Xcelsius) and Crystal Reports. She has also a lot of experience with other SAP | BusinessObjects toolings like, Web Intelligence (WebI), Information Design Tool (Universe Designer), BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) and the overall server platform BusinessObjects Enterprise (Launchpad, CMC). She spends a lot of her time thinking about and sharing her knowledge of Xcelsius to others through her own blog. Lately she is exploring other visualization tools like Qlikview and Tableau. On the later she is also posting some experiences. Currently she is in the employment of Cognizant Technology Solutions. Her blog only contains her personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by Cognizant Technology Solutions nor does it constitute any official communication of Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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22 Comments to Drill in chart to different Tab

  1. lola says:

    Hi, i’ve been searching on how to achieve this. Finally stumbled on your site. Please can you send the xlf file?


  2. Tim Arsenault says:

    Can you please send the .xlf example of this? Email is timothy.arsenault@emc.com

  3. Tim Arsenault says:

    Can you please send the .xlf example of this?

  4. Leo says:

    Can anyone please share the .xlf file !

  5. Hi,
    I would like to use this functionality. Can you send me the xlf file?


  6. Krishna says:

    I need to create xcelsius similar to this, but not able to figure it out. Please send the xlf file. THanks

  7. Z says:

    Can you please send me the .xlf file so I can see how you accomplish this trick?



  8. Leo says:

    this is amazing! Would you be able to send me the xlf? kzhang@atb.com


  9. John says:

    Please can you send me the Xlf ?

  10. Alex says:

    podrian enviarme a mi correo el archivo XLF , alexkoby@hotmail.com


  11. Vikram Kumar says:

    Could you please mail me the .xlf file, because i have tried so hard but i am not able to understand how to acheive it.

  12. Vikram Kumar says:

    Could you please mail me the .xlf file, because i have tried so hard but i am not able to understand how to acheive it.

  13. Ash says:

    Please email the xlf file

  14. John says:

    Please email XLF


  15. conie says:


    Can you please send the Xlf file for me, because I’ve tried make a similar design but it won’t work.


  16. Raj says:

    Hi Femke,

    Is it possible for you to share the XLF file. I believe it would help me immensely in solving atleast one big showstopper in my dashboard.Will be glad if you can do that.

  17. Shobha says:

    Can u please share the xlf file it will be great.

  18. Asif says:

    Nice work,

    it is very greatfull if you attached or send .xlf file for better understanding.


  19. Gerardo says:

    Do not work when:
    First, click on some Chart Title (e.g. Pie Chart).
    Second, click on Overview Tab.
    Third, click on the same Chart Title again. (Here do not work)

    Greetings from Tijuana, México.

    • Raj says:


      Can you please send the XLf file? Its easier to understand how did you map the excel logics to the components.