Suppressing BEx Variable pop-up screen when opening dashboard in SAP portal

When the dashboard is published in SAP portal and it is based on a BEx query connected with a Netweaver dataconnection and that BEx has mandatory variables without default values, the variabele screen is always displayed before actually loading the dashboard. It does not matter if you set the default values within Xcelsius or have not set to refresh a dataconnection before loading.

If you cannot set a default value to the mandatory variable in BEx, then you could call the dashboard with the mandatory variable value defined in the URL in order to suppress the variable screen, as most likely your dashboard will override it anyway.

Eg technical name variable = zcs_calendar_year with value 2012
Eg technical name dashboard = zcs_dashboard


So add the 4 parts of the variable to the url call

In case of a second mandatory variable add the 4 parts but replace BI_COMMAND_1 with BI_COMMAND_2.

By the way: the same url built up can be used for opening a BEx report like the BO open document statement. All you have to do is change the DASHBOARD= into TEMPLATE=xxxx&QUERY=xxxxxx .

Femke Kooij is a dashboard and report designer, developer and educator specializing in SAP | BusinessObjects Dashboards (better known as Xcelsius) and Crystal Reports. She has also a lot of experience with other SAP | BusinessObjects toolings like, Web Intelligence (WebI), Information Design Tool (Universe Designer), BusinessObjects Data Services (BODS) and the overall server platform BusinessObjects Enterprise (Launchpad, CMC). She spends a lot of her time thinking about and sharing her knowledge of Xcelsius to others through her own blog. Lately she is exploring other visualization tools like Qlikview and Tableau. On the later she is also posting some experiences. Currently she is in the employment of Cognizant Technology Solutions. Her blog only contains her personal views, thoughts and opinions. It is not endorsed by Cognizant Technology Solutions nor does it constitute any official communication of Cognizant Technology Solutions.

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2 Comments to Suppressing BEx Variable pop-up screen when opening dashboard in SAP portal

  1. JR says:

    this is a useful post and I’d have a question as I am using this technique: Have you ever successfully used the ‘use Default query data’ option? I have a bex with a mandatory variable set with a default value. However when I am launching the dashboard I get an error message that ‘a mandatory field is not filled’. When I run the underlying bex it runs ok with the default variable but this doesn’t seem to be working when launching the dashboard. Any experience with that?
    Thanks in advance,

  2. Simon Haddad says:

    Hi Femke

    I really enjoyed viewing your blog: very clearly spelt out
    Suppressing BEx Variable pop-up screen when opening dashboard in SAP portal

    I am trying to find a similar blog you or others may have written for
    - hierarchy node
    - date range (having high and low)

    Your input is greatly appreciated.

    thank you.

    Simon Haddad
    BI Business Analyst