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Panel Set and embedded Xcelsius swf

As you may have noticed, the panel set does NOT support embedded swf created by Xcelsius. The common workaround is to use external URL link. However another workaround is to embed a JPG image (or swf not created by Xcelsius) … Continue reading

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Universe Tips

As I need to work with universes as well, but actually have never really followed a training of sorts, I keep here a list of tips for my self. If you find it useful as well, all the better. Please … Continue reading

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Opendocument statement Explorer

The Open Document statement for Explorer BOXI 3.1 (former polestar) is: http://servername:port/polestar/index.jsp?application=explorer&documentId=documentid You can find the documentid via Query Builder (as this is not sown in InfoView) and the CUID (which is in the properties of the space located in … Continue reading

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Versions 2008

Xcelsius version: => Xcelsius 2008 BuildVersion: => service pack 1 BuildVersion: => fix pack 1 BuildVersion: => fix pack 2 BuildVersion: => fix pack 3 Xcelsius version: => Xcelsius 2008 BuildVersion: => service … Continue reading

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