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Xcelsius chart versus Excel chart

Now I always hate it when someone comes with an Excel chart that I have to duplicate. Excel is THE manupulation tool a user can have, thus ofcourse the chart capabilities are endless. And as Xcelsius is based on Excel, … Continue reading

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Installation Fixpack 3.5 and Office2010

I tried to install fixpack 3.5 and got the error message that I need Office XP or a newer version. However I do have Office2010 installed. So I thought to do the same as in my previous post, I hacked … Continue reading

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Installation Xcelsius 2008 SP3 and Office 2010 (Excel 2010)

When trying to install Xcelsius with pre-installed Excel 2010 you will get an error message as Office 2010 is not supported yet by SAP BusinessObjects. One solution is: 1. uninstall Office 2010 (do not forget to backup settings) 2. install … Continue reading

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