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Open document statement opens only in html viewer Crystal Reports

In BOXI 3.1 the opendocument statement for Crystal Reports opens the reports only in the html-viewer. The commands are thus: &sType=rpt&sOutputFormat=H

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Open document link in new window while dashboard does not re-initialise

When you connect an OpenDocument statement to a URL button in Xcelsius and you apply the option New Window in the button properties, a new window is opened to show your WebI report (or Crystal report for that matter). However … Continue reading

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Change axes label color in chart

Use the custom format option in Excel if you want to dynamically change the vertical axes labels to a alert color. Eg. [Blue][>0]#,##0;-[Red]#,##0 will show positive numbers in blue and negative numbers in red.

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Excel file does not open in Windows Explorer

If you work with the Live Office Comptaibility enabled in Xcelsius, changes are that you cannot open an Excel file from the network anymore. However when strating Excel and then navigating to the file on the network in Excel itself, … Continue reading

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Formula: Weeknum() in Excel 2003

In Excel 2003 the Weeknum() formula will only be activated when the Analysis toolpack is installed. Go to Options -> Addin -> select Analysis Toolpack -> OK. The formula should work now. Furthermore if you use the Dutch version of … Continue reading

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Excel formulas translation NL-EN EN-NL

Excel sheet formula translation English to Dutch and vice versa. Functies_Excel_NL-Eng-VBA.xls

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