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Installation Fixpack 3.5 and Office2010

I tried to install fixpack 3.5 and got the error message that I need Office XP or a newer version. However I do have Office2010 installed. So I thought to do the same as in my previous post, I hacked … Continue reading

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Installation Xcelsius 2008 SP3 and Office 2010 (Excel 2010)

When trying to install Xcelsius with pre-installed Excel 2010 you will get an error message as Office 2010 is not supported yet by SAP BusinessObjects. One solution is: 1. uninstall Office 2010 (do not forget to backup settings) 2. install … Continue reading

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Error SQL Server Express R2 Advanced

I got the following error when installing SQL Server Express R2 Advanced (x86) on my brand new laptop (Windows 7 Business): The following error has occurred: Could not find the Database Engine startup handle My solution was: 1) Remove all … Continue reading

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Xcelsius on iPhone 4.0 (using Windows 7)

I recently became the proud owner of an iPhone 4.0 and of course I just had to try to get a Xcelsius dashboard working on my new mobile. I followed the 5 steps Miguel Figueiredo posted on his blog. Even … Continue reading

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T-SQL: Previous and Next Modified Date

Normally queries like this are not really solved in T-SQL; rather a front end UI like WebI is capable of navigating through the records. However if you intend doing it in T-SQL (eg. derived table in universe), then here’s how … Continue reading

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Difference OpenDocument Crystal Reports and WebI

I experienced some frustations when trying to open 2 different reports (Crystal Reports and WebI), however both were built on same universe and used same objects, from the same URL button in Xcelsius. The OpenDocument statement for the WebI report … Continue reading

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