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Embed swf in Powerpoint without exporting from Xcelsius – even possible on 64-bit Windows

How to embed a Xcelsius dashboard in a powerpoint presentation without the use of source file and the tool Xcelsius: PowerPoint 2007 Make sure that the Flash Player is installed on the computer. Then, follow these steps: 1.In PowerPoint, display … Continue reading

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Ranking without repetitive values

Here’s a question I get asked a lot: “I’m trying to use the RANK function to sort the values in Column A, but, the problem arises when I have two or more cells with the same value. Then, the RANK … Continue reading

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New layout !!

Finally, the new layout of my blog is active and everything is working as it should (at least I think, please let me know if otherwise). It cost me many a headache, specifically uploading to the server was a nuisance, … Continue reading

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Universe Tips

As I need to work with universes as well, but actually have never really followed a training of sorts, I keep here a list of tips for my self. If you find it useful as well, all the better. Please … Continue reading

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Opendocument statement Explorer

The Open Document statement for Explorer BOXI 3.1 (former polestar) is: http://servername:port/polestar/index.jsp?application=explorer&documentId=documentid You can find the documentid via Query Builder (as this is not sown in InfoView) and the CUID (which is in the properties of the space located in … Continue reading

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Xcelsius chart versus Excel chart

Now I always hate it when someone comes with an Excel chart that I have to duplicate. Excel is THE manupulation tool a user can have, thus ofcourse the chart capabilities are endless. And as Xcelsius is based on Excel, … Continue reading

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