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Opendocument statement Explorer

The Open Document statement for Explorer BOXI 3.1 (former polestar) is: http://servername:port/polestar/index.jsp?application=explorer&documentId=documentid You can find the documentid via Query Builder (as this is not sown in InfoView) and the CUID (which is in the properties of the space located in … Continue reading

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Difference OpenDocument Crystal Reports and WebI

I experienced some frustations when trying to open 2 different reports (Crystal Reports and WebI), however both were built on same universe and used same objects, from the same URL button in Xcelsius. The OpenDocument statement for the WebI report … Continue reading

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Open document statement opens only in html viewer Crystal Reports

In BOXI 3.1 the opendocument statement for Crystal Reports opens the reports only in the html-viewer. The commands are thus: &sType=rpt&sOutputFormat=H

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Open document link in new window while dashboard does not re-initialise

When you connect an OpenDocument statement to a URL button in Xcelsius and you apply the option New Window in the button properties, a new window is opened to show your WebI report (or Crystal report for that matter). However … Continue reading

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