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Installation Xcelsius 2008 SP3 and Office 2010 (Excel 2010)

When trying to install Xcelsius with pre-installed Excel 2010 you will get an error message as Office 2010 is not supported yet by SAP BusinessObjects. One solution is: 1. uninstall Office 2010 (do not forget to backup settings) 2. install … Continue reading

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Tips & Tricks Xcelsius Short List

Customers ask me often to give them the list of the tips and tricks I mention during training. I thought to share it with you also. General Regional Settings client PC: Location set to UK and number format to English … Continue reading

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Excel file does not open in Windows Explorer

If you work with the Live Office Comptaibility enabled in Xcelsius, changes are that you cannot open an Excel file from the network anymore. However when strating Excel and then navigating to the file on the network in Excel itself, … Continue reading

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Live Office 3: Extend maximum rows

To change the maximum returned number of rows in your Live Office connections, try the following (not guaranteerd): 1. Change all 3 of the files in the dsws-liveoffice-provider.jar files found in these locations: a. C:Program FilesBusiness ObjectsBusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0warfilesWebAppsdswsbobjeWEB-INFlib … Continue reading

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Export to Excel / CSV

2Excel on Apache Tomcat Server «·····» 2CSV on .NET Server «·····» Other formats Export to Excel on Apache Tomcat Server Luca Spinelli and Ivan Aguilar from ClearPeaks ( introduce users to the new export to Excel solution for Xcelsius using … Continue reading

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Connections: Resfresh on Load

There is a difference between the “Refresh on Load” option of the dataconnection and the option on the refresh button. – Data conncetion: swf is loaded -> data is read from spreadsheet and the dataconnection -> components are generated. – … Continue reading

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