Design Studio will not start up

Yesterday it happended a lot that my Design Studio would not start, the error log showed:
!MESSAGE Problems occurred when invoking code from plug-in: “org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench”.

Even the logon screen for BO server did not come up. Solution to this is:
Delete all files and folders in location: C:\Users\..\Analysis-workspace\.metadata\.plugins
(some 2 and 6 org.eclipse folders)

You have lost your user preferences in DS (eg. so start up mode, which windows to see), but DS starts up fine again.

log location: C:\Users\..\Analysis-workspace\.metadata

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Tableau: sets

If you use a parameter in a condition to create a set you can use the formula [Dimension]=[Parameter] only on the referenced dimension, if you reference a different dimension then you need a aggregate condition like MAX( IIF([Dimension]=[Parameter],1, 0) ) = 1

set on Category, condition [Category]=[Parameter Category]
set on Customer, condition MAX( IIF([Category]=[Parameter Category],1, 0) ) = 1

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Tableau: Distance formula

Calculate distance between 2 geographical points (great-circle distance):

SIN( RADIANS([Origin-Latitude]) ) * SIN( RADIANS([Destination-Latitude]) ) +
COS( RADIANS([Origin-Latitude]) ) * COS( RADIANS([Destination-Latitude]) ) *
COS( RADIANS([Destination-Longitude]) – RADIANS([Origin-Longitude]) )

[VAR]= 3959 for miles
[VAR]= 6371 for kilometers

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Tableau: Polygon maps

In using polygon maps you need to add the polygon ID and grouping ID to details and the sequenced point ID to path in order to display your own custom group map. When you want to overlay a second axes with another dimension like below example (department pie charts), you need to make sure that that dimension is also available in your polygon data source. Simply blending polygon and sales data will not work, you need to join the data sources before extracting.

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Tableau: filter to Keep up to current day or month of year

Calculated Field for “Keep up to current day of year”:
DATEPART(‘dayofyear’, [Order Date]) <= DATEPART(‘dayofyear’, Today() )

Calculated Field for “Keep up to current month of year”:
DATEPART(‘dayofyear’, [Order Date]) <= DATEPART(‘dayofyear’, Today() ) AND month([Order Date]) = month(Today())

then filter on True for both fields.

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Tableau: Relative Date Filter over year change

In case you want to compare years when filtering on last x weeks and have the year comparison over the year change (week 53 and week 1), you can’t use a relative date calculated field filter as this method transforms the years to current year more or less (see previous post). In this case you have to index the years and index the weeks,months or quarters (whatever you want to filter on).

In the example I colored the bars by years for example purposes, normally you would color by difference in sales or something to give it a more meaningful analysis.

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